Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy Birthday to Zachary

It's Zachary's 8th birthday today! Zachary is our first born grandson. And let me tell you, we were so happy when we found that Zach was a baby boy. Our first 2 grandchildren were girls, so you can only imagine how excited to have Zachary join our family. Zach is the nicest boy, always trying to do his best. Here are just a few of the many reasons Zachary is so special: Zach wakes up every morning and cleans his bedroom, gets dressed and fixes breakfast for his 2 younger brothers and himself. Not because he has to, but because he likes to. You can bet your boots his mom appreciates this act of kindness for his brothers. As you can see in the pictures, Zachary is a happy kid. He is a smiler too! His mom and dad are going to have to be on the lookout when Zach gets older, because he's a cutie. Back off girls!! Zach is very polite and considerate of others and their feelings. He never wants anyone to feel left out or sad. Zach is a peacemaker, and a very good big brother. Zach and his brother Nick are the best play mates, always doing things together. We went to a play place, and Zach made sure his littlest brother Josh was ok, and held his hand and helped him through tunnels and down slides. Zachary is a FAST runner, and can changes directions from running forward to backward, to sideways quick, quick, quick. That's why he is so good at football. Zach tries his best to do a good job in everything he does. Zachary loves his dads home made tacos! And next he likes to eat Wild Buffalo Wings. Now, as I said this is just a few things that make Zachary special. The list goes on and on. We love you so much Zachary, and hope you have a "GR8T" birthday.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

music kids (4 videos), by annette holt

First try at posting videos. Fun and talent with music. Click here to view photos

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sadie, You Are 9!!!

Happy Birthday Sadie! It seems like yesterday you were born at 4lbs 3oz. I called you "Love Bug" because you were so tiny, cute as a bug, and a sweet little baby to love. That name stuck and you will always be my little Love Bug.
You are our adventurous grandchild. You have an imagination like Anne (with an E) Shirley's in Anne of Green Gables. You are a very smart and talented girl, a good horse rider, great on roller blades, a good reader, a fun little girl, and a blessing to our family. Grandpa and I wish you a very happy day today.

Paper Jamzin
Be Wise, Be Kind, Be True

Loves to ride
Fun in the Ocean with Paige and Grandpa

Doing Chores
Sadie Diva
Paige, James, Jordyn, Nick, Zachary, Sadie
We love the Young family

Monday, December 13, 2010

Welcome Baby Elinor Katheryn Buchanan

How happy we are that little Elinor joined our family December 8, 2010. What a beautiful, healthy, loved baby she is. Our #13 grandchild to love. Congratulations Jason and Maren, and thank you for such a sweet grand baby.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Witches, Skeletons, Starwars, Pirate and Buzz

What a great time we had with our Buchanan families on Halloween. We love having Courtneys mom, sister and her family come over for Halloween - a tradition we hope goes on for years. We like to strart the night with our Zucchini "Halloween Soup"..... So yummy and good. The kids got a good meal before all the candy, donuts and hot chocolate.

The Witch Moms Debbie, Courtney and Nicole. So cute.

Abbey, James, Zachary, Gracey, Paige, Josh, Nick getting ready for the trick or treating

Peace Out Halloween!
We love our family

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Jordyn Kelly turns 6

Happy Birthday 6 year old Jordyn. What a blessing Jordyn is to our family. Jojo has the softest, sweetest voice, and the cutest little giggle. Jordyn is our little nature girl. Loves to eat her fruits and vegetables, eats very little meat and loves chocolate, and her occasional limon potato chips. Jojo, thanks for choosing such a good birthday dinner - green beans, cucumbers, carrots and chicken bones. Here are some of my favorite pictures of you. Thanks for asking us to come and celebrate your special 6th birthday with you. Grandpa and I love you soooooo much!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

My amazing fabulous daughter (minus the in-law) made this family mosaic for me because she knows I'm crazy for my grandkids.